Thanks for visiting my page!

My name is Peter Chen and I setup this website to share the different projects I did and the articles I wrote. I am currently an MBA Candidate at Harvard Business School and was most recently Google senior software engineer in Mountain View, California and previously worked as a software developer at BlackBerry in Waterloo, Ontario.

I studied Electrical Engineering at McGill University and University of Waterloo for my Bachelor's and Master's, with a focus on wireless communication and signal processing.

In my spare time I enjoyed working on different projects. In 2014 I designed and developed few Chrome apps (Owl Reminder, Whenever) that are used and loved by tens of thousands of users. I also launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter named TagTalk in 2014.

Right now my interest is around VR/AR, internet of things (IoT) and wearable device. If you have new ideas that you want to find a partner to work with or you have suggestions for my apps, feel free to reach out to me!